Why Compleat?

Compleat means highly skilled and accomplished in all aspects, having all necessary and desired elements to make whole or entire, with everything included.

Compleat Smile Dental Aesthetics Centre clinics comply with all the necessary Dental Health and Safety protocols, ensuring the health and safety of both our staff and our valued clients.
We are committed to providing safe and efficient dental care via the sterilisation of our equipments, not just externally, but also internally (continuously) via our dental unit waterline’s DENTOZONE PLASMA SYSTEM (DPS). DPS prevents cross contamination between patients by clearing and sterilising the DENTAL UNIT WATERLINES of the biofilm in the walls of hoses and tubes in our dental units.
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Our clinics do not allow footwears worn from the outside, inside our clinics.
Clean/sterilized slippers are always provided to clients and accompanying persons.
Dear Valued Patients –
The COVID-19 Pandemic has turned the entire world upside down. What used to be the norm no longer exists. We are all aware that Covid-19, which causes severe respiratory distress, is principally transmitted through saliva droplets when coughing and sneezing. Recent scientific findings also suggest that mere talking, which creates droplets of saliva which can be suspended in air for a few minutes, can also transmit the virus. Dentists work inside your mouth, dealing with saliva all the time. We are considered by the WHO and the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) as a VERY HIGH RISK Profession when it comes to infectious diseases especially with the highly-contagious and proven to be fatal, Covid-19.
Wearing PPE, face shield, goggles as well as acquiring certain equipment and materials to reduce if not totally eliminate the possible spread of the virus inside our clinic has become an URGENT NECESSITY. We know that you understand that we are trying our best to protect you against this deadly virus as much as we need to protect ourselves and our dental team. We all have families to go home to.
In this regard, a minimal and REASONABLE increase in our professional fees is unavoidable as well as new policies implemented to protect us all. Please call for an appointment and feel free to discuss with us any concerns you may have regarding these new policies.
Despite this trying time, we remain deeply committed to bring you the best dental treatment possible according to your oral health needs.
Thank you for your cooperation and kind understanding.

Our COVID-19 Protocol

1. We need to check your temperature.

2. Belongings of the patient are placed inside a container to prevent contamination.

3. Shoes are required to be removed and disposable slippers will be provided to be worn while inside the clinic.

4. Hands are sanitized with alcohol.

5. Head cap is provided.

6. PPE's are given to be worn inside the clinic.

7. Required COVID questionaires are then accomplished.

Compleat Smile Dental Aesthetics Centre

Our clinics use DENTOZONE WATER STERILIZATION SYSTEM to ensure safe, bacteria-free water during our treatment procedures. Because having clean Dental Unit Waterlines is not an option, it is our OBLIGATION

Our dedicated team of dental practioners and staff will help you understand the full scope of general and cosmetic procedures necessary to help you achieve your dental needs.



Dr. Jonathan V. Acosta and Dr. Melinda P. Acosta manage the clinic located in Pasay City. They provide General Dentistry, Orthodontics, Implantology and TMJ Therapy. They have been in practice for thirty four years. 

Dr. Christopher Velasquez and Dr. Evelyn Velasquez manage the clinic located in Quezon City. The clinic provides General Dentistry, Orthodontics, and TMJ Therapy. They have been in practice for twenty one years.


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Quezon City - Branch

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